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Moving can be a frustrating experience, but you can make it a breeze with a phone call to the right moving company. Potomac Moving Company takes the stress out of your local or long distance move by quickly and efficiently getting you from one place to another - all in one piece. It really is that simple!

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Potomac Moving Company is family owned business. We are committed to providing a first class interstate and long distance moving experience. We are not the half priced movers of the world. If you want your residence and all of your furnishings treated with respect and loving care we are your company. Potomac Moving Company provides free in home estimates and guaranteed pricing on all of our moves. (No SURPRISES) Potomac Moving Company can provide full service packing or partial packing to meet your needs. ALL of our employees are uniformed, clean cut, background checked and drug screened.
Our philosophy is simple: We just want to help. As we see it, moving usually equates to stress. And we’re changing that with every move we make. No matter where your next move takes you, we want this transition to be a smooth one.


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Frequently Asked Questions

You have to be able to trust the people you invite to work in your home. Potomac Moving Company is a local family owned business. Our core values are honesty, integrity, and the value of hard work. Our company policies promote the assurance that your job will be completed right and without damages. We even provide incentives to every mover at Potomac Moving Company. When they go 20 consecutive moves without a damage, they receive a bonus. If they damage an item, they start back over at zero. From the people we hire to our policies, we make every attempt to make your moving mission a smooth experience.
We never know exactly how long a move will take; that’s why we always charge for the amount of time worked. Every single move is different! The time to complete a 1-bedroom apartment with an exactly identical furniture list can vary drastically based on what floor the apartment is on, the level of thoroughness of the customer’s packing, the size of elevators, the ability to reserve an elevator so other tenants aren’t using it, and the distance to the truck from the front door. Because of these variables we provide an estimate based on an AVERAGE of similar moves. There is a 50% chance your move will cost less than the average, and a 50% chance it will cost more than the average. Regardless, you can rest assured that we will only charge for the time worked, no more and no less! Rest assured that our crews will always move with a mission-oriented purpose. It’s fair for you and us. Moving Estimate Form
It covers the cost of one truck for one day of use. It’s not just the truck! We also bring out furniture dollies, tools and blankets to protect and efficiently move your items. It is also a means of transportation for the moving crew. Would it be less expensive to get my own truck for a local move? The answer is usually NO. Once you add in all of the cost associated with a truck rental, it saves you money and time to use one of our trucks.
Potomac Moving Company will place all items in your new home at your direction, re-assemble all items taken apart by Potomac Moving Company.
It is the customer's responsibility to reserve parking spot for the moving truck on the day of the move. We will need at least 50' to park the truck on the street. The truck has 13' clearance and if you have a loading dock, please check the clearance for the truck parking.
As a method of payment we accept all major credit and debit cards and there is a 4% processing fee, we accept cash and no personal checks.

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