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Terms of payment

As a method of payment we accept all major credit and debit cards and there is a 4% processing fee, we accept cash and no personal checks.

Why do you base compensation on the weight of the item?

It is federal law! The Department of Transportation requires all moving companies to compensate losses based the weight of the item. ALL moving companies that fall under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration offer the federally required free coverage of $0.60 per pound and offer increased coverage for additional compensation.

Does Potomac Moving Company charge a booking fee?

Yes. Potomac Moving Company charges a $100 deposit for local moves. The $100 will be deducted from your move upon the completion of your job. There is no penalty to reschedule for another date/time provided this is done 7 days or more prior to the scheduled move. The deposit is 50% refundable if you decide to completely cancel the move or reschedule it with less than 7 day notice. Note: During busy periods our schedule can fill up weeks in advance and we ask that you give us as much notice as possible when requesting to shift a scheduled move.

What is a truck fee or travel time?

It covers the cost of one truck for one day of use. It’s not just the truck! We also bring out furniture dollies, tools and blankets to protect and efficiently move your items. It is also a means of transportation for the moving crew. Would it be less expensive to get my own truck for a local move? The answer is usually NO. Once you add in all of the cost associated with a truck rental, it saves you money and time to use one of our trucks.

Transportation time

How long will my move take?

We never know exactly how long a move will take; that’s why we always charge for the amount of time worked. Every single move is different! The time to complete a 1-bedroom apartment with an exactly identical furniture list can vary drastically based on what floor the apartment is on, the level of thoroughness of the customer’s packing, the size of elevators, the ability to reserve an elevator so other tenants aren’t using it, and the distance to the truck from the front door. Because of these variables we provide an estimate based on an AVERAGE of similar moves. There is a 50% chance your move will cost less than the average, and a 50% chance it will cost more than the average. Regardless, you can rest assured that we will only charge for the time worked, no more and no less! Rest assured that our crews will always move with a mission-oriented purpose. It’s fair for you and us. (link to full moving estimate form here)

What if traffic delays my move?

We can’t control the traffic. Trust us, we wish we could. We’ll complete your mission, charging you the same hourly rate until the job is completed.

Terms of transportation

Truck parking

It is the customer’s responsibility to reserve parking spot for the moving truck on the day of the move. We will need at least 50′ to park the truck on the street. The truck has 13′ clearance and if you have a loading dock, please check the clearance for the truck parking.

What size truck do you use on a move?

Our fleet consists of 26′ straight moving trucks. If you have an unusually high amount of volume for a residence of your size, please let us know so we can adjust accordingly. What if a second trip is needed? No problem. Of course, we charge for the time it takes to make the round trip. An 18 wheeler is the next step in size above a 26′ truck. It substantially raises the price for your move b/c of the cost of the truck and increased driver training requirements. Therefore, we opt to make a second trip with a 26′ truck or use a second truck on your move.


Why don’t you cover items that are moved from or into a storage unit?

Potomac Moving Company no longer has access or control over the items. Therefore, we can’t cover items once they leave our care and possession.

Why don’t you cover press-board furniture?

Press-board furniture is not built to last. There’s a reason it NEVER turns into a family heirloom. Press-board is simply saw dust glued together. It’s meant to serve its defined purpose for a relatively short period of time. It can be weakened over the course of several relocations, and it’s just waiting to fall apart no matter who moves it next. Of course, we will still wrap press board items and handle them with care, but we don’t cover any damages that result to these items.

Will Potomac Moving Company protect my floors & walls?

Potomac Moving Company will carefully pad and wrap all items to be moved, to include the removal and wrapping of all glass shelves & glass table tops if applicable. The moving crew will pad all door jambs & hard surface floors & railings as well as install protective floor runners throughout the home. We will cover and or shrink wrap all upholstered furniture and bag all mattresses prior to moving. Please refer to our “MOVING TIPS” page for more helpful information.

Does Potomac Moving Company disassemble and reassemble furniture?

Potomac Moving Company will place all items in your new home at your direction, re-assemble all items taken apart by Potomac Moving Company.


Why do I need to take pictures?

It saves you the most valuable thing of all: time! We can determine if it’s press-board, repairable, or we just need to compensate via some sort of monetary value.

Why is the level of valuation I selected on move day so important?

It defines your level of compensation for any damages that occurred during your move. Nobody can predict when a damage will occur beforehand; that’s why you should have the ability to purchase a higher level of valuation and protection. Some people would prefer to take a higher risk in the likelihood that no damage occurs, and that’s fine. Some people purchase increased valuation with no damages resulting, and that’s fine. Either way, it’s like choosing your deductible for your car insurance; you don’t get to choose a better premium AFTER the accident.

Damage claims

Where do I file a claim? Please click here to fill out our damage claim form. (link) How long does it take until my damage claim is resolved? It typically takes between 5-30 days to resolve your damage claim. It depends on the level of damage, the type of damage, your cooperation, your availability, and the repair technician’s schedule. Your patience is especially appreciated if a third party vendor must be brought in to assist with any repairs.


Tips for a successful interstate move