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Potomac Moving Company is excited to offer a comprehensive selection of top-quality moving supplies designed to meet your every need. From sturdy tape and durable boxes to premium packing paper and protective bubble wrap, we’ve got you covered. Need something special? Just ask!

Our selection includes specialty wardrobe boxes designed to keep your clothes on hangers throughout the move and remain wrinkle-free during transit, saving you time and effort on ironing. Our dish barrels ensure the safety of your delicate china on the journey, while our specialized TV boxes shield your prized big screen from any potential damage. Your move is our priority, and we’re here to ensure every detail is handled with care and professionalism.

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Small Moving Boxes
Popular 1.5 cu ft boxes measuring 16″x12″x12″ tall. Perfect for books, CDs, tools, and small appliances. Ensure efficient unpacking at your new home!
Medium Moving Boxes
Versatile 3.0 cu ft boxes measuring 18″x18″x16″ tall. Perfect for clothes, platters, and large household items like collectibles, ornaments, table lamps, and electronics.
Large Moving Boxes
Spacious 4.5 cu ft boxes, 18″x18″x24″ tall. Ideal for large lightweight items—lamp shades, speakers, comforters, clothes. Minimize weight for easier, safer lifting.
Dish Pack Boxes
Durable 5.1 cu ft boxes, 18″x18″x28″ tall. Designed to safeguard delicate items—dishes, glasses, china, flatware, antiques, lamps. Heavy-duty 275# test corrugated cardboard.
Wardrobe Moving Boxes
Efficient wardrobe boxes, 18″x21″x46″ tall. Like bringing your closet with you—move hanging clothes quickly and efficiently. Convenient for sporting equipment too.
TV Moving Boxes
Versatile TV boxes: 56″ x 10″ x 36″. Protect your valuable televisions and flat screens during storage and transportation. Also suitable for shipping and storing large paintings and mirrors.
Mirror Moving Boxes
Safely pack and transport large mirrors, pictures, frames, plaques, and paintings. Easy assembly, adjustable for most sizes. Each 4pc carton fits items up to 40″ x 60″. Sold individually.
Mattress Moving Boxes
Protect your mattress during moves. Corrugated Cartons for King/Queen mattresses, ‘Split Combo Two Pieces,’ each holding one mattress. Sold each. Ideal for long-distance moves.
Tape for Moving
Superior polypropylene sealing tape for manual or automatic application. Strong adhesion, holding force, and easy unwind ensure reliable seals on various boxes. Available in 55 yd. rolls
Shrink Wrap
A true moving essential with versatile uses. Strengthen and support boxes, cushion fragile items, shield from moisture and dust, and securely bundle multiple objects for easy handling.
Bubble Wrap
Safeguards valuable heirlooms and delicate items. Efficient, economical, and easy to use. Lightweight, perfect for protecting pictures, paintings, mirrors, and delicate glass doors.
Paper Pads for Moving
Crafted with kraft outer sleeves and special 3-ply layers, ideal for container shipments and storage. An excellent cost-saving alternative to heavy-duty blankets for DIY U-haul moves.
Packing Paper
Offers protective qualities like newsprint stock without ink mess. Fill empty spaces in packed boxes, wrap fragile items like dishes and glasses. Combine with bubble wrap for added protection.